Notation based on specific trade law
Distributor Bon et Bien Co., Ltd
Head of operation name Thevenon Masayo
Zip 540-0005
Address Uemachi Wakou bldg502, 1-20-2, Uemachi, Chu-o-ku, Osaka 540-0005JAPAN
Description of the fee of the goods other than price
Shipping: 500 yen (Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu, some Tohoku
It will be 1000 yen is 500 yen in EXPACK500 by size
Will be. )
. However, the person who purchase 10,500 yen or more is free shipping)

Transfer fee
Registered mail fee
Wrapping generation
Registration expiration date
Typically, the arrival of registered or payment, within 7 days of receiving your order
If is can not be confirmed, you will be treated as canceled.
Damage any chance of mistake of here, fouling, such as merchandise or differences
please contact us within 7 days after the arrival, when a product malfunction occurs.
Returned goods, we will exchange only if the items unused. Also, ashamed tag
If it is, it will not be accepted even in the case of goods unused example
Please understand that.
We will guide you through the sales volume inquiries.
Delivery time
Usually ship the goods within 2 to 5 days days after the payment verification.
(If specified, please let us know by e-mail)
Sunday, that it is not possible to be able to check payment holiday, the slight delay
If that occurs, there is.
Please let us know by email if you are in a hurry.
Payment method bank transfer
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Namba branch 111
Account number 2527337
Account holder Tebenon Masayo

Cash registered mail (600 yen)
7 days after receiving the payment after the due date order
Will be canceled automatically when it passes over seven days.
Return deadline
Is a product defect damage in the mistake of here, fouling, such as merchandise or differences
Because accepted within 7 days after the arrival to the product only if that occurred, please return.
Shipping & Returns
Return fare, those of our responsibility other than the transfer fee due to refund
I hear paid by the customer.
Service name or trade name zozio
Phone number +81 (0)6-6777-3127
Public e-mail address [email protected]
Website address
Payment Method
Bank transfer
Registered mail
Remarks registered fee 600 yen
Delivery method
Delivery company name Seino Transportation
Uniform pricing nationwide, 1,050 yen
The free of charge if you buy more than 10,000 yen

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